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Do you want to own a replica of Jimmy Choo’s crystal heels?

When it comes to JimmyChoo, everyone is a long-awaited name, and many people know about him because the customized shoes are very delicate. From everyone’s familiar Princess Diana to countless red carpet stars in China, they all wore Jimmy’s shoes, and some people said that girls should own a pair of Jimmy’s shoes

And now, many people use high heels as wedding shoes. Wu Qilong’s Liu Shishi’s wedding is the most luxurious in history. Every dress ring and other items are carefully selected. Especially the clothes Liu Shishi wears are simply shining. The T-strap crystal shoes and high heels she wore for her wedding were JimmyChoo limited series crystal shoes. This high-heeled shoes matched the style of Shi Shi’s wedding dress, exuding a strong classic style.

So why is Jimmy Choo so hot? replica jimmy choo is named after Chinese designer Zhou Yangjie. Every beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo is inseparable from Zhou Yangjie’s inspirational legend. In 1991, Zhou Yangjie became the royal shoemaker of British Princess Diana. From everyday shoes to shoes for important occasions, he customized his feet. Favored by the princess, and even invited to Kensington Palace for Christmas, Jimmy Choo couldn’t make it difficult.

Probably every woman has an obsession with high heels, and feels that putting on high heels is no longer a girl movie, and you can put Hu Hu down by pointing. The existence of cheap jimmy choo uk even strengthened this obsession 100 times, 1,000 times, 10,000 times, and infinite times. Do you like these high heels?

When it comes to Jimmy Choo’s most classic style, it must be the Romy series. With its dazzling appearance, Romy is also a better choice for countless women’s wedding shoes, and also a red carpet choice for countless celebrity stars. Romy heels are available in two heights. The former 10cm heel was called Abel, and the 8cm heel was called Agnes. Later it was also called Romy series after revision. In the popular Korean drama “You from the Stars” in the past few years, the goddess of Jeon Ji Hyun all fell for Romy. It is because of the popularity of Jeon Ji Hyun that Romy also reached a new peak.

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