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Discount Jimmy Choo creative director talks design inspirations

Would you recommend jimmy choo shoes uk autumn or winter shoes to men? What is the reason?

Asher is a loafers with classic black shiny leather and star studs. The formal fashion of these shoes is in harmony with cheap jimmy choo uk novelty. In recent years, men want more creative and experimental clothing. Our product line is designed for men who understand the 21st century reality that breaks the old rules of men’s attire.

Would you recommend Jimmy Choo 17 autumn or winter shoes to women? What is the reason?

I think high-heeled shoes are key to fall / winter17. For replica jimmy choo , they are different ways. The top of the lark is a double ankle and ankle strap with flat metal studs, and its trimmed sister Lux is trimmed with cut crystals to customize the ankle cuffs. Dynamic contours create new perspectives.

What is the tipping point when you realize that Jimmy Choo is evolving into something huge and global?

There were two when we opened our first store in the United States in New York, and when we found that we had sold one million pairs of shoes. It examines everything I do and motivates me to move on. Early in our partnership with the red carpet, we were able to build the brand’s global appeal and glory with the help of the film industry and celebrities. The last point is that we expanded the handbag business in 2003, seven years after its establishment. At that time, I learned that the brand was well known around the world.

How is your personal style reflected in your home design? What is your favorite artwork and furniture?

The first thing to consider at home is warmth. This is important to me. My style is also reflected in the harmony of internal / external and internal / external duality.

My style at home is lectic. Vintage is always a source of inspiration, so look for vintage troubles wherever you go. Even for just five minutes, I always try to keep my schedule. My husband and I like to collect different art styles as well as one particular style.

When I am allowed to dream, I open my arms and welcome Gerhard Richter. The shades of blue / red abstract paintings are calming but exciting.

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