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JIMMYCHOO new high-heeled shoes, buy copies online

I saw the new cheap jimmy choo uk and Roger Vivier Fall 2020 beauty shoes today, and I’d like to share them with my favorite epicureans of both brands.

ROMY-Golden Onion Multicolor

First and foremost has to be the most classic ROMY series! Since its inception, this collection has been one of the most popular among JC shoe styles.

replica jimmy choo sandal Golden Onion series heels are the brightest. Every season, there is a new style that comes out, such as the original Golden Onion in a solid color (light grey by Jeon Ji Hyun), last year’s Golden Onion in a gradient color, etc. This season, there are not just one color, but also a gradient color. This season’s new collection is not a single color, or gradient and sequins in the main colors, but a combination of colors.

The silver glitter has a rose pink hue, but the rose pink has a hint of inky blue; the inky blue has a lot of yellow and lavender light. …… This fusion not only does not give people a complex sense of color, but also is very suitable for the cold early autumn.

This one might be a big surprise for those who like the ROMY Golden Onion collection in Jimi!

Another solid color – NAVY Golden Onion – has a navy blue tint; a very special color. The calm blue shines with silver stars. A bit of a sunrise sea level vision! This one is relatively sedate and more suited to a mature woman in her 30s+!

Bing Collection Pearl Toe Lace Mules – Reverse Suede Beanie Red Style

I have previously shared with you the 10cm black patent leather heel worn by the brand’s Asia Pacific ambassador, Song Xi. Black patent leather with biling biling pearls and rhinestones for a more fashionable and modern look!

The new one is a very soft bean powder with a reverse suede material and a 6.5cm mid heel. The color is very warm and gentle, but also wearable.

The pearls and rhinestone foot straps are beautifully paired with a silent “woman as water”, without aggression. It is a perfect match with a knitted cardigan and trousers in early autumn.