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Acquista una copia della collezione autunno inverno Jimmy Choo 2020

A bold tribute to the ubiquitous beauty of the 21st century, the cheap jimmy choo uk /Winter 2020 Women’s Collection is inspired by the fusion of influential elements from around the world, with different cultures blending perfectly in this style journey.

The charm of culture is inseparable from the breeding of art and aesthetics; at the same time, the charm maps art and aesthetics. “Charm has always been cherished, and like a pearl, it is born as if it were magic. In this season, I think more about preciousness, refinement and elevation, and attention to detail. To create something beautiful, ingenious, and well thought out that will stay forever.” So says Sandra Choi.

Talitha Getty and Tina Chow are the inspirational muses for the collection – both brave enough to cross cultures and always curious enough to draw inspiration from and intertwine with different cultural backgrounds. They both share the spirit of a Jimmy Choo era heroine – inspiring a desire for life through style, embracing and supporting a culture of opposites, and embodying a modern society that sets no boundaries and allows creativity to blend.

As such, the collection borrows from the concept of travel, exuding an idle style in both cultural and period impressions. A blend of different approaches and aesthetics has resulted in a collection of shoes and accessories.

The collage process is an artistic expression of cultural integration. The craftsmanship is echoed in the embossed serpentine and calf leather of the MARCELA heels, MARCEL Muller shoes, MARCELIN ankle boots and MABYN boots in this collection. A new replica jimmy choo silhouette, the sharp, asymmetrical square toe visually echoes its jewel-cut form, and each shape is paired with a new sculptural heel for Fall/Winter 2020 – the Kick, Scoop or V-shaped heel.

This portrays another aspect of today’s femininity – the charm of the powerful and bold. The silhouette and striking heel are as fluid as Chinese calligraphy, and BETHA blurs the line between shoe and jewelry, adorning the ankle with a delicate chain. The MELE ankle boots feature a sculptural heel and a beveled side that resembles a mother-of-pearl sculpture – precious yet practical, making every step confidently special.

Pearls, which symbolize purity, loyalty and wisdom, are the staple of the collection, presented in a variety of forms including studding, embroidery and decoration. Cultured pearls, born of human wisdom, are the epitome of the creative genre. The streamlined form follows the movement of the person – the KENDRIX evening ankle boots are embroidered with pearls and gemstones, while the SABER sock boots are embroidered with “Toile de Choo” gemstones and are paired with mother-of-pearl on the Kick heel. The pearls are also presented in the form of three-dimensional brooches, like the embroidery on the delicate lace of LORRE evening boots and LUCELE sandals.

The collection’s main motif, “Toile de Choo”, is inspired by Japanese scroll paintings and French York prints. The iconic motif incorporates different cultural and artistic elements, including the JC logo, craft printed silk and jacquard weave. Inspired by the ancient Silk Road, where wealth was exchanged between East and West, “Toile de Choo” presents exquisite celadon patterns.

The tone of elegance is always present throughout the collection – it’s a dressy, uncomplicated concept, from dinnerwear to sporty, from busy to casual, from formal to everyday. The new ESHE FLAT flat boots are made of snake print leather. The MAVA ankle boot with mini studded corrugations reinterprets tough sophistication and glamour, while the DIAMONDX sneaker has a sophisticated theme in platinum-toned patent leather with soft sheepskin. The soft KATO trainer is a high-top sneaker in black and white in nylon, suede and brocade.

A synonym for jewellery, jimmy choo shoes uk accessories are equally coveted: Bon Bon – like a house adorned with jewels, a decorative canvas bag, a new addition to modern evening wear, as its name suggests, sweet and seductive, chandelier-like tassels, theatre velvet curtain-like lace, and a myriad of colourways… CALLIE is a re-mix of materials and colours, decorated with pearl tassels and embroidery… The VARENNE family welcomes a new addition: the mini bowling bag is a vintage work of art – sophisticated, small and contrasting with the classic silhouette… This season, MADELEINE is transformed into a small handbag, still striking in polished silver C-shaped trim and pearl-encrusted.

Every contour and finish is exquisitely rendered and every detail is sublimated.